Questions and Answers about Internship

QUESTION) Are internships in our faculty compulsory or optional?

ANSWER) Internships for all departments in our faculty are optional and limited to the Summer semester (July, August, September).

QUESTION Is internship insurance covered by our University?

ANSWER: Yes, work accident and occupational disease insurance is covered by our University during the internship process.

QUESTION) Can I do an internship without receiving occupational health and safety training?

ANSWER: No, you cannot do an internship.

QUESTION: Where can I get occupational health and safety training?

ANSWER: Every year in MAY, occupational health and safety course will be defined through ues for our students who request it.

QUESTION: I want to take occupational health and safety course, where and when should I apply?

ANSWER: In April, an announcement and link will be published on the website of our Faculty for students who want to take the relevant course, you can make your application in line with the information announced here.

QUESTION: What can I do if I have missed the applications for the occupational health and safety course at my faculty, can't I do an internship?

ANSWER: You can take the relevant course for a fee outside of our university and send your document with the internship documents before the internship.

QUESTION: Are internship places arranged/found by our Faculty?

ANSWER: No, students who will do internship find their internship places themselves.

QUESTION: My internship is over, what should I do?

ANSWER: There is no file or document submission at the end of the internship. (It is not requested by our Faculty.) When your internship ends, the dismissal process will be carried out by our Faculty. You can access your dismissal documents at

QUESTION: Where and when can I get my work entry document (notification)?

ANSWER: The SSI Work Entry process will be carried out by our Faculty, and you can get your SSI Work Entry documents from (4A Work Entry Notification) and give them to workplaces.

QUESTION: When should I send my internship documents?

ANSWER: You must submit your documents online at most 5 (five) days before the start date of your internship. You should not send your internship documents on the day your internship starts or after your internship. It is essential to send your documents in advance in order to start your insurance procedures.

QUESTION) What is the internship period?

ANSWER) The internship period in our faculty cannot exceed 60 calendar days (40 working days) for the entire undergraduate education.

QUESTION) Can I use the internship period of 60 calendar days (40 working days) at once?

ANSWER) Yes, you can.

QUESTION: Can I do internship in two different institutions in summer term optional internships?

ANSWER: No, you cannot. Internship can be done in at most one institution in an academic year.

QUESTION: Will I pay any fee for the optional internship and occupational health and safety course?

ANSWER: No, you will not pay any fee.

QUESTION: From which site can I access information about internship, internship documents, etc.?

ANSWER: Click here for the relevant page of our faculty.

QUESTION: The workplace where I will do my internship requests "a letter showing that insurance payments have been paid", where can I get it?

ANSWER: Click here to get our e-signed letter addressed to "RELEVANT AUTHORITY" from our faculty address.

QUESTION: I am a 4th grade student, can I do optional internship?

ANSWER: Our 4th grade students who are in the graduation process or students who extend their semester cannot do internship.

QUESTION: Which e-mail address can I ask my questions about internship?

ANSWER: You can ask to

QUESTION: Other issues that our internship students should know?

ANSWER: If you have an accident (falling from the stairs, foot sprain, etc.) in your internship places, if the report issued in the hospital says "Work accident" or "Forensic case", you must notify our Dean's Office (216 777 3138-3139, IMMEDIATELY.

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