2008: Issue II

Professor Doctor Suat OKTAR
The Financing of Politics in Turkey and The Control of Fİnancing: Transparency in Politics

Professor Doctor Ahmet ÇAKMAK - Professor Doctor Nesrin SUNGUR
The Role of R&D in the Development Process of Developing Countries

Professor Doctor Nurdan ASLAN - Demet YÖRÜK
Relation Between Theory and Practice of Terms of Trade and Development

Assistant Professor Doctor Meneviş Uzbay PİRİLİ
Global Capitalism And Discourses Of Capital

Assistant Professor Doctor Murat DEMİR - Assistant Professor Doctor Erşan SEVER
The Effect of Public Infrastructure Expenditues on Economic Growth: The Case of Turkey (1980-2007)

Assistant Professor Doctor Yeşim REEL - Dr. Nuray TERZİ
World Marine Markets and Port Privatization

Assistant Professor Doctor Nejla Adanur AKLAN - Research Assistant Mehmet NARGELEÇEKENLER
Polict Rates Decisions and Its Rlation with Long Term INterest Rates: Evidence From Turkey

Assistant Professor Doctor Recep DÜZGÜN
A Comparison Of Artifical Neural Networks "And Arıma Models" Success In GDP Forecast

Assistant Professor Doctor Zeki KARTAL
Gatt and Uruguay Round: Increasing Structural Dependence of Develeoping Countries in World Trade

Assistant Professor Doctor Nazım ÇATALBAŞ
The Place and Future of The Service Sector in The Transtion Economies in Caucasia and Central Asia

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Associate Professor Doctor Gülay Akgül YILMAZ
Underground Economy in the EU Membership Process in Turkey

Associate Professor Doctor Mustafa ÇELEN - Research Assistant Özkan ZÜLFÜOĞLU
Formation of Classical Public Debt Theory

Associate Professor Doctor Funda Başaran YAVAŞLAR
Reconciliation in Turkish Tax Law

Assistant Professor Doctor Yalçın ALGANER - Müzeyyen Özlem ÇETİN
Union and Integration Movements in Europe (Part II) (1957-1986) 

Assistant Professor Doctor Erkan AYDIN
The Taxition of Incomes From Future and Option Contracts According to Temporary Article 67 of Income Tax Code

Assistant Professor Doctor İdris SARISOY - Research Assistant Sinan SARISOY

Tax Incentive Policies Towards Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: The Cases of Japan and South Korean

Research Assistant Hilal GÖRKEM - Research Assistant Serkan IŞIK
The Relationship Between Defense Spending and Economic Growth in Turkey (1968-2006)

Dr. Alper GÖKTAN
An Empirical Study on Fiscal Sustainability in Turkey

Prof.Dr.Mina ÖZEVREN - Research Assistant Sabahattin YILDIZ
A Research on Corporate Universities in Turkey

Associate Professor Doctor Refika Bakoğlu DELİORMAN- Research Assistant Sabahattin YILDIZ-Research Assistant İlknur Taşdan BOZ- Research Assistant İhsan YİĞİT
Burnout Level of Academic Personel: The Sample of Marmara Universty

Associate Professor Doctor Aslı Yüksel MERMOD
Concept of Ethics in Banking Industry and The Expectations From Bank Managers

Associate Professor Doctor Sinan ASLAN
Integration of Quality Costs Activity-Based Costing System

Associate Professor Doctor Carsten BAUMGARTH - Assistant Professor Doctor Gülpınar Kelemci SCHNEIDER - Dr. A. Bahar CERİTOĞLU
Are Luxury Brands Really That Strong? An Empirical Investigation Into The Benefits and Brand Strengths of Basic, Premium and Luxury Brands in Turkey

Associate Professor Turhan KORKMAZ - Hasan UYGURTÜRK- Rasim İlker GÖKBULUT -
A Research on Determination of Financial Factors Affecting Roa of Cement Firms Registered in The Ise

Assistant Professor Doctor İbrahim EDİN
Defining Key Intelligence Topics Competitive Intelligence Process

Assistant Professor Doctor Nuray ERGÜL - Associate Professor Doctor Sezayi DUMANOĞLU- Veli AKEL
Daily Anomalies in The Ise

Assistant Professor Doctor Ulun AKTURAN
Internationalization in Retailing: The Development Process, The Factors Affecting The Process and The Entry-Mode Strategies

Assistant Professor Doctor A.Tuğba KARABULUT
Management Problems of Family Busisnesses in The Fields of Institutionalization and Management Functions: A Research on Family Businesses as Smes Which Manufacture in Textile Sector in Istanbul

Assistant Professor Doctor Nesrin ALPTEKİN
Construction Of Balanced Scorecard Using Analytik Hierarchy Process

Assistant Professor Doctor Asım SALDAMLI
A Study on Determining The Job and Life Satisfaction of Department Supervisors Working in Hotel Enterprises

Mete SEZGİN - Selçuk Burak HAŞILIOĞLU - Muammer ZERENLER
Flour Packaging and marketing of the product on its packaging Customer's Image Fuzzy Logic Approach to Predict

SME Problems Under Increasing Competition Environment and an Empirical Analysis

Dr. Caner DİNÇER
Turkish Internet User's Demographics And Internet Usage

Professor Doctor Selahattin GÜRİŞ - Dr. Metehan YILGÖR
The Causality Relation Between The Budget Deficit and Foreign Trade Deficit OECD Countries: Panel Data With Causality Analyzed

Professor Doctor Ahmet ÖZTÜRK - Assistant Professor İrfan ERTUĞRUL - Research Assistant Nilsen KARAKAŞOĞLU
Comparison of Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy Topsis Methods in Transportation Firm Selection

Assistant Professor Erdal DİNÇER
Examitanion of Total Factor Productivity Change By Malmquist Andex in Data Envelopment Analysis and an Application on Istanbul Stock Exchange

Assistant Professor Gülnur Eti İÇLİ - Assistant Professor Adil OĞUZHAN
The Factors That Effect The Mobile Phone Brand Preference

Dr. Habip KOÇAK
Application of Analytic Hierarchy Selection of the Most Suitable Custom Courses

Dr. Ahmet AYDIN
Intra Industry Trade and Turkey: An Investigation of Country Specific Determinants

Professor Doctor Jale CİVELEK
Central Asia: Interellations Between Corruption, Rule Of Law, Democracy And Stability and its International Dimension

Critical Perspectives on Hans Morgenthau's Approach to International Relations

Dr. M.Akif ÖZER
Harmonisation of national public administrations of the European Union

State Wage Policies

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