2010: Issue II

Referees - Contents - Introduction

Professor Suat Oktar, Levent Dalyancı (PhD.)
Financial Crises Theories and Financial crises in Turkish Economy After 1990

Professor Nesrin Sungur Çakmak, Lecturer Ercan Sarıdoğan (PhD.)
The Effect of the Crisis On Consumer Spending: Giresun Application

Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Şişman, Ozan Öztürk
Foreign Direct Investment and International Tax Competition: A Literatur Research

Assist. Prof. Erkan Tokucu, Lecturer Ercan Sarıdoğan (PhD.)
Functional Finance in the Context of Crisis and Return of Fiscal Policies: A Literature Survey

Tuba Direkçi, Ömer Özçiçek
The Effect of Real Exchange Rate on Economic Activities in Turkey

Bahar Berberoğlu (PhD.)
Turkey and European Union on the Path of Establishing Knowledge Society and Economy

Lecturer Neslihan Sam (PhD.)
An Economic Approach to Gentrification Processes: Rent Gap

Devrim Dumludağ (PhD.)
A Comparison of Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey and Egypt: Motivations and Obstacle

Res. Assist. Mehmet Cural
Process and Financing of Current Account Balance in Developing Countries Post 1980

Lecturer Nadide Hüsnüoğlu, Res. Assist. Aslı Güler
The Effect of the Crisis on Consumer Spending: Giresun Application

Yener Yücel
Competitiveness of Turkish Textile and Clothing Sector and China Threat in the Process of the Liberalization of International Trade

Professor Niyazi Berk, Cem Berk (PhD.)
Solvency II and Measuring the Loss Given Default

Professor Mine Özevren, Res. Assist. Sebahattin Yıldız
A Research on Identifing of the Measurement Methods and Criterions of Intellectual Capital

Professor Orhan Şener, Assist. Prof. Faruk Akın
Private Pension Funds and a Research on Determining Factors Affecting the Entry Decisions of Individual's Individual Pension System in Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Sezayi Dumanoğlu
Financial Performance Evaluation of Cement Firms Trading in Ise by Using Topsis Method

Assoc. Prof. Aslı Yüksel Mermod
World Economic Order Directed by Worl Trade Organization and A Study on Turkish Tekstile Industry

Assist. Prof. Mustafa İme
Business Valuation Method Unequivocally

Assist. Prof. İclal Attila
Risk Management in Real Estate Development Projects

Assist. Prof. Ayten Çetin, Res. Assist. Ayça Akarçay Öğüz (PhD.)
Analysis of Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets

Assist. Prof. Ömer Tekşen
Investigation of Goverment Subsidies in TMS 20 Standarts and Supports Provided to Investment in Subsidies System in Turkey According to the Accounting and Tax

Assist. Prof. Betül Özkaya
Advergaming As Advertisement Tool

Lecturer Ayşe Pamukçu (PhD.)
The Methods of Balance Sheet Financing and Accounting Transactions

Ülkü Yüksel, Munezaa Mirza
Consumers Of The Postmodern World: Theories Of Anti-Consumption and Impression Management

Lecturer Arzu Özsözgün (PhD.), Res. Assist. Emel Esen
Insider Trading From The Perspectives of Justice and Virtue Ethics

Res. Assist. Eyüp Aygün Tayşir (PhD.)
An Alternative Method For Teaching The Concept of Theory in Research Methodology Courses: Lessons From House M.D.

Özlem Yorulmaz (PhD.), Professor Karun Nemlioğlu
Robust Estimation of the Vector Autoregressive Model: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Economic Growth and Inflation

Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Perçin, Assist. Prof. Tuba Yakıcı Ayan
AHS ve Bulanık Promethee Yaklaşımlarıyla Esnek Üretim Sistemleri Seçimi

Lecturer Ersoy Öz (PhD.), Assist. Prof. Semra Erpolat
Multivariate Markov Chain Model and An Application

Res. Assist. Serkan Çınar
Is Per Capita Real GDP Stationary in the OECD Countries? Panel Data

Assist. Prof. Erhan Doğan
Re-Thinking the Alienation Problem with "Radical Transparency" and "Social Value" Concepts

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