2011: Issue I

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Professor Suat Oktar - Levent Dalyancı (PhD.)
An Econometric Analysis of the Effect of the Monetary Policy on the Current Account Balance in Turkish Economy

Professor Muammer Yaylalı - Res. Assist. Fuat Lebe
Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Human Capital and Economic Growth

Assoc. Prof. Nurettin Öztürk - Lecturer Havva Kılıç Darıcı - Lecturer Ferdi Kesikoğlu
Economic Growth and Financial Development: Panel Causality Analysis for Emerging Markets

Assoc. Prof. K. Batu Tunay
Estimation and Forecasting with Mars Method of Recessions in Turkey

Assist. Prof. Fahri Solak - Lecturer Ercan Sarıdoğan (PhD.)
The Effects of Global Economic Crisis on The Turkic Republics

Assist. Prof. C. Erdem Hepaktan - Res. Assist. Serkan Çınar
The Regional Profile of Turkey's Foreign Trade

Assist. Prof. Kamil Uslu - Res. Assist. Volkan Öngel - Assist. Prof. İlyas Sözen
The Effect of Water for Sustanaible Growth in the Aral Basin

Res. Assist. Burcu Gediz Oral (PhD.)
The Fight Against Corruption in the International Field and Institutional Structure of Anti-Corruption Efforts in Turkey

Res. Assist. Mustafa Torun (PhD.) - Res. Assist. Feyza Arıca
Testing the Validity of Wagner's Law in Inflation Targeting In Developing Countries

Res. Assist. Caner Ekizceleroğlu
Knowledge Economy and Foreign Trade of Knowledge Intensive Goods in Turkey (1969-2009)

Professor Ömer Faruk Batırel
Turkish Economic and Fiscal Performance (2003-2010)

Res. Assist. Hünkar Güler
European Union Budget Own Resources System as a Model for Financing Global Public Goods

Assoc. Prof. Ömer Önalan
Modeling of Real Effective Exchange Rate with Meixner Processes

Assist. Prof. Yaşar Kabataş
Amortization in Human Capital Regarding Self-Employment Profits (Brain Amortization)

Assist. Prof. Faruk Akın - Kazım Karaboğa
A Research on Determination of Factors Affecting Decisions of the Private Customers on Use of Baranchless Banking Services: Bilecik Case

Lecturer Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoğlu (PhD.) - Lecturer Filiz Gürder (PhD.) - Erinç Hasan Varol
Visualization of Success of Consumer Sales Promotions Through Gis Based on Rfid-Captured Consumer Behavior

Res. Assist. Dr. Caner Dinçer
The Use Of Mobile Advertising: Status and Implications

Res. Assist. Gül Eser
The Effect of Propensity to Trust on Perceived Organizational Support

Res. Assist. Emel Esen (PhD.)
Employees Organizational Engagement

Assist. Prof. Tülin Çağdaş
Türkiye'de Yerel Yönetimlerde İdari ÖzerkliThe Administrative Autonomy of the Local Governments in the Turkey

Assist. Prof. Aslı Ege

Possibilities and Limitations of Incarporating Gender in Economic Adjustment Policies: The Case of the World Bank

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