2012: Issue II

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Prof. Suat Oktar - Levent Dalyancı (PhD.)
The Terms of Trade on Current Account Balance: Turkey Case

Assist. Prof. Hale Kırer - Prof. Ercan Eren
Econophysics Approach to the Personal Income Distribution Turkey and Germany

Assist. Prof. Arif Orçun Söylemez - Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Yılmaz
The Relationship Between The International Capital Flows and Economic Growth After the Financial Liberazition in Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Yılmaz - Assist. Prof. Ayhan Uçak
A Critical Assessment of The Financialisation Process in the World Economy

Assist. Prof. Erkan Tokucu
Financial Stability and Central Banks: Can Central Banks Secure Financial Stability?

Assoc. Prof. Necla Adanur Aklan - Assist. Prof. Mehmet Nargeleçekenler
The Role of Monetary Policy on The Stock Markets: Evidence From Turkey

Assist. Prof. Özlem Durgun
Does Unreval in Agricultural Employment Continues?

İ. Begüm Kösemen (PhD.)
The Increasing Visibility of the Private Sector in the Field of Culture and Art in Turkey

Hüseyin Selimler (PhD.) - Süleyman Kale (PhD.)
Evoluation of the Off-Balance Sheet Activities of the Turkish Banking Sector with Risk and Profitability Approach

İ. Begüm Kösemen (PhD.)
The Art Between The Object and The Commodity

Selim Yıldırım (PhD.) - Res. Assist. Zekeriya Yıldırım (PhD.)
Testing of Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis for Turkey Employing Unit Root Tests with Break(s) on Real Effective Exchange Rate

Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Perçin - Lecturer Aykut Karakaya (PhD.)
Financial Performance Evaluation of Turkish IT Firms with Fuzzy Decision-Making Methods

Assoc. Prof. Turhan Erkmen - Fatih Şahinoğlu
An Analysis on Employee Perceptions About Corporate Social Responsibility Activities and Organizational Commitment in Service Sector

Assoc. Prof. Tamer Keçecioğlu - Res. Assist. Ayşe Çiçek Korkmaz
A New Concept and Brand Making Inroods into Organizations DNA: Organizational and Strategic Agility (Empowered Organizational Immunity System)

Assist. Prof. Ayşe Çınar - Assoc. Prof. Gökhan Silahtaroğlu
Discovering the Hidden Reasons Behind Consumer Satisfaction via Data Mining Techniques

Assist. Prof. Erdal Yılmaz
Integrated Fuzzy AHP-VIKOR Model for Supplier Selection

Assist. Prof. Betül Özkaya
The Studies of the Institutions Intended for the Users of Search Engines in the scope of Public Relations 2.0

Assist. Prof. Mithat Arman Karasu - Assist. Prof. Nihat Gültekin
Evaluation of the Houses Built by The Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) in Terms of Consumer Satisfaction: An Implementation in the Province of Şanlıurfa

Ayla Zehra Öncer (PhD.)
A Linear Programming Approach to Determine the Growth Strategy in Companies

Şenay Sabah Kıyan (PhD.)
Consumers' Attitudes Towards Workers' Problems and Consumer Loyalty Model Relation

Assoc. Prof. Gülay Akgül Yılmaz
Shadow Economy in Turkey in 2000s

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Çelen
Local Governments in Bulgaria

Assist. Prof. Fazıl Yıldız - Assist. Prof. Sinan Sarısoy
An Empirical Study on The Relationship Between Public Expenditures and Economic Growth in OECD Countries

Burçin Ataseven (PhD.)
The Importance of Data Quality in Qualitative Scientific Researchs

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