2008: Issue I

Table of Contents (All files are in pdf format) 

Prof.Dr. Sudi APAK - Assist.Dr. Ayhan UÇAK - Res. Ass..Dr. Ercan SARIDOĞAN
Current Account Sustainability In Turkish Economy

Assoc.Dr. Haydar AKYAZI - Aykut EKİNCİ
The Performance of Inflation Targeting: A Comparison Between Turkey And Developing Countries

Assist.Dr. Erşan SEVER - Assist.Dr. Murat DEMİR
The Analysis of The Relationship Between Inflation and Inflation Uncertainity in Inflation Targeting Process

Assoc.Dr. Mehmet ŞİŞMAN
World Economy While Second Bretton Woods Declines And Evaluation on Devoloping Countries

Dr. Emre AKBAŞ
The Problem of The Milenium Time:  The Conflicts in Electricity Sector

Dr. Mahmut TEKÇE - Sevil ACAR
From Multilateralism to Bilateralism: The Evolution of Global Trade Policies

Assoc.Dr. Jale SÖZER ORAN
Auction: History, General Information and a Research

Assist.Dr. Şükrü YAPRAKLI - Okt. Mustafa Kemal YILMAZ
The Impacts of The Users of Internet Banking Services on Satisfaction and Loyalty; an Aplication on Academic Staff

Assist.Dr. Ceyda ÖZTÜRK - Araş.Gör. Meltem GÜRÜNLÜ
The Effectiveness of The Risk Management Techniques in The Turkish Banking System

Assist. Dr. Yusuf DEMİR - Öğr.Grv. Turan KOCABIYIK
A Study on Creating Institutional Investors Portfolio  in Turkey  Institutional Investors Behavior

Assist.Dr. Gülpınar KELEMCİ SCHNEIDER - Prof. Dr. Helmut SCHNEIDER
The Effect of Hunger on Cınsumer Buying Behaviour at the Point of Sale

Assist.Dr. Olcay Bige AŞKUN
The Impact of Complaint Messages on Organizational Learning

The Value Creation and Organizational Capability Creation of Human Resource Management: From Vision to Action

Dr. Asaf Murat ALTUĞ
Enviromental Quality and Environmental Accounting

Assoc.Dr. Dilek ALTAŞ - Araş.Gör. Selay GİRAY TURGAN
Determination of the Economical and Demographical Indicators Which Are Effective in Eurpen Union (EU) and OECD Membership

Assist.Dr. Ünal H. ÖZDEN
Chosing Primary Scholl With Analytic Hierarchy Process

Dr. Aslı EGE
1990s in Turkish Foreign Policy: Stability and Transformation in the Post Cold War

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