Our Vision

Is to make Marmara University Faculty of Economics one of the leading higher education institutions which meets national and international norms in terms of scientific research productivity, academic education level and administrative service quality.

Our Mission

Is to ensure the academic members of Faculty of Economics conduct scientific research, make publications and activities at international standards. Is to educate our students as dedicated to principles of Atatürk, contemporary, capable of using knowledge for public value,   having scientific research and development based lifestyle, capable of critical thinking and creative  individuals. Is to make our institute one of the best institutes at national and international level both with academic and education activities.

Basic values

Secure, contemporary and democratic  governing vision  dedicated to principles of Atatürk

Respect to human rights and freedom

Sensitivity to national and international problems

Justice and consistency at resource division and academic promotions

Transparency and participation at all governing process

Scientific vision based on research, criticize and discuss

Governing vision based on merit and equal opportunities.

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