Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ethical principles and rules are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Editorial Ethics Committee (Committe on Publication Ethics - COPE ( and the ethical responsibilities and duties of the authors, journal editor and referees are given as follows:


Journal of Research in Economics accepts original articles in the fields of applied econometrics or theoretical modeling.

All references used in the articles should be shown in accordance with the writing guide and in accordance with ethical principles.

Authors should not send their articles published elsewhere or submitted for publication to the Journal of Research in Economics.

Authors with empirical work should be ready to present their data to referees, editor and editorial board, if requested. Authors must document that the rights to use the data have been obtained, the consent of the research related or the consent of the participants on which they have researched.

Authors have an obligation to inform the editor of the journal, to cooperate with the editor in the process of correction or withdrawal if they notice a mistake about their published, early appearance or evaluation phase.

The names of persons who do not contribute to the article should not be written as authors, and the order of the authors of an submitted article to be published should not be changed, or the process of adding / removing authors should not be requested.

"Actions Against Scientific Research and Publication Ethics" are stated in Article 4 of Section 2 of UAK Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive. Authors are obliged to comply with the issues stated here.

In case of violation of the ethical principles, the author's institution will be contacted and the article will be rejected.

It is the ethical responsibility of the authors to review the “Ethics Committee Consent” page for information about the ethics committee and to fulfill the requirements. In studies requiring Ethics Committee permission, information about the permission (name of the board, date and number) should be included in the method section and also on the first / last page of the article.

Researches requiring the approval of the Ethics Committee are as follows: All kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using questionnaire, interview, focus group study, observation, experiment, interview techniques.

Information on financial support should be provided by authors.


The editor is obliged to act objectively and fairly without making any distinction between the authors, and to implement the necessary procedures by adhering to the journal's policies and procedures in case of ethical violations.

It is the duty and responsibility of the editors to ensure unbiased evaluation of the articles with a large pool of referees.

Editors have the authority to reject manuscripts that are found to be problematic in their scientific approach without initiating the referee process.

Before the referee process, each manuscript is checked via Turnitin.  Manuscripts with similarity ratio above 20% may be returned to the authors. 


The evaluation process of the articles is subject to the blind review system. The authors cannot be informed about the identities of the referees and the referees about the identity of the authors.

In the process of double closed referee, a third referee can be applied when deemed necessary by the editor in the evaluation of the article that received a rejection and an acceptance.

Referees must comply with the principle of confidentiality and impartiality, and should not use the information they obtain from the articles they evaluate for personal gain.

Ethics Committee

Prof. Dr. Murat Donduran, Yıldız Teknik University

Prof.Dr. Hüseyin KAYA, Medeniyet University

Asst.Prof.Dr. N. Tuba Yılmaz, Marmara University


Publication Policy

No royalty fee is paid to the author(s) for the articles published in the JORE.

All kinds of legal responsibility regarding the articles published in the JORE belongs to the author(s).

The JORE has the right to publish, not publish and make corrections to the submitted articles.

Copyright Transfer Form should be sent to the editor via postal mail or e-mail after the article is accepted.

JORE is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0

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