Our Logo


The Meaning of Our Logo's Symbols:

Our Logo and the Classical Meaning of the Symbols that Make Up Our Logo

Wings: Power going beyond distances, exchange symbol (In mythology, Mercury's wings)

Scepter: Apportioning power, distribution of wealth (It symbolizes the first letter of our faculty’s name as well)

Gold Coin: The symbol that measures value, the power that mediates exchange

Laurel Branch: Symbol of trade in the peace environment.

Colors of New Design

Golden yellow color represents vibrancy, history, euphoria, intelligence, elegance;

Blue, the color of the university, represents eternity and freedom;

White of our wings represents purity, cleanliness and stability.

The meanings that we added to the symbols of design

Wings (free thinking): Shows the infinity which freedom and free scientific thought can reach

Scepter (Gold Bracelet): Emphasizes a magic wand, touch, the power of change, career orientation, gold bracelet.

Gold Coin (Sun): It represents a bright future for our students and faculty as well as the democratic transparency.

Laurel (Participatory Synergy): Laurel branches that extends towards the first letter of faculty symbolizes unity. Interlocking bay leaves on the branches of laurel symbolizes participation.

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