Procedures Related to Internship

Dear Students, In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the relevant legislation, our students who want to benefit from the summer optional internship practice and whose internship insurance will be covered by our faculty (including those within the scope of the Presidential Human Resources Office Presidency Internship mobilization) are required to receive occupational health and safety training. (Training periods and subjects ARTICLE 11-(1) (Amended RG-24/5/2018-30430) a) At least 8 (eight) hours for less dangerous workplaces)

* Interns in public institutions must comply with the duties and obligations stipulated in the Civil Servants Law No. 657, the Vocational Education Law No. 3308, the disciplinary provisions of the university, the principles of the institution and the "Internship Mobilization Implementation Directive" prepared by the Presidency.

* Within the scope of the Republic of Turkey Presidency Internship Mobilization Project, internship can be done in at most one institution in an academic year.

* Since the optional internship application is limited to the summer semester, the "Internship Start" and "Internship End" dates must be between 01.07.2023 - 22.09.2023.

** The total internship period of the student cannot exceed 60 calendar days (40 working days) in the entire undergraduate education.

** In case you have an accident (falling down the stairs, sprained foot, etc.) at your internship site and go to the hospital, if the report issued in the hospital states "Work accident" or "Forensic case", you must notify our Dean's Office (216 777 3138-3139, IMMEDIATELY.

** Online internships are not accepted in our faculty.


-Foreign National Students.

-Students who have graduated as of spring semester

-Students who have completed 60 calendar days of internship in their entire undergraduate education

- Employees subject to the Social Security Institution (4-A) - (4-B) - (4-C)


Students who want to do an optional internship and complete the form below, click here to download our letter stating that the "Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease" insurance premium will be paid by our University to the Social Security Institution in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph (e) of Article 87 of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510.

Students who have completed the form completely can get their employment documents from (4A Employment Entry Exit Notification) before the internship start date and give them to their workplaces.

Attention employers:

* Do not start the student who does not submit the SSI employment documents to your institution as an intern.

Explanations (The form is located below the explanations)

1- T.C. Identity No

* Make sure that your Turkish ID number consisting of 11 digits is entered correctly. Entering your ID number incorrectly causes problems in insurance entry.

2- Your Name and Surname (Write it as it is registered on your ID card, without abbreviations.)

3- Student Number

* Make sure that your student number consisting of 9 digits is entered correctly without any letters at the beginning.

4- Student E-Mail Address

5- Student Phone Number

* (05xx) 123 45 67 must be entered in format.

6- General Health Insurance

Those who receive health benefits through their mother or father and

For employees subject to the Social Insurance Institution (4-A) - (4-B) - (4-C): YES

Those who receive health benefits through our university, (I have a university health card.) For those who do not have any social security: NO

7- Internship Start Date (must be in format)

* Since it will be your SSI entry date, it must be at least two days after the date you fill out the form.

8- Internship End Date (must be in format)

* If your internship will end before the date you specify, please notify

9- Field of Activity of the Internship Workplace

10- Name of the Internship Workplace

11- Telephone Number of the Internship Workplace

* (0123) 456 78 90 must be entered in format.

12- Name and Surname of the Workplace Official

13- E-Mail Address of the Workplace Official to be Interned

14- Workplace Internship Acceptance Form (download)

* Fill in the required fields of the form you downloaded, have the printout signed by the workplace official and upload it to the form below.

15- Internship Declaration Form (download)

* Fill in the required fields of the form you downloaded, sign the printout personally and upload it to the form below.

16- Letter to be taken from the E-devlet Müstehlik Sorgulama screen (Health Provision Activation System)

Please upload the letter received from in pdf format.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to turn the 3 forms indicated with the numbers (14)+(15)+(16) into a single PDF and upload it to the form below.

Frequently Asked Question-1: Why can't I upload 3 files separately?

Answer-1: The reason for this is that the online form software we are using automatically converts the same number into a "file name" for each application, so only the last file you uploaded is received by us in separate uploads (since 3 files with the same name are saved on top of each other). As a solution to overcome this software error in the system in a short time, 3 documents (files) should be converted into a single PDF and uploaded.

Frequently Asked Question-2: I made three separate scans, how can I make three separate PDF files into one PDF file?

Answer-2: Using free software such as "PDF Splitter and Merger Free" etc., you can convert 3 separate PDF files into a single PDF file in a few seconds.


Students who complete the form incompletely or incorrectly will not be allowed to work.

İsteğe Bağlı Staj Başvuru Formu

pdf formatında dosya yüklemelisiniz.

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