Dean's Message

The world has been at crossroads since the new millennium and the pandemic has further demonstrated the importance and dire need of the economics profession. It is probably as hard as being a doctor, an engineer or a member of the civil force given that economists are now carrying the burden of nowcasting economic structure and making policies far ahead of their times. In the past, faculties of economics only were focusing on the public economic identities and financial markets to employ their graduates. Now, this trend is long gone with home office and work office definitions completely changing day-to-day forcing economists to be as creative as artists, as fundamentally solid as engineers, as smart and careful as doctors and as far-sighted as the observers of space. In this unprecedented times of global change, Marmara University, Faculty of Economics is adding incredibly gifted, young and dynamic academicians to a pool of already skillful, creative and experienced members. The Faculty is aiming not to be the best only in Turkey but also reach to unchartered levels to compete with the best in the world. Our current and future students will not only serve for the best interest of our country and themselves but also for creating a better world which will improve in terms of income inequality, employment levels, growth and development with the use of ultimate technological, empirical and analytic tools. Our curriculums are designed to increase the human wealth of our students in the best possible way by forcing them to operate at the highest possible capacity and skill set they have. Therefore, Marmara University Faculty of Economics will challenge all its students to be better individuals not only in terms of economic profession but as flexible as being adaptive to any other discipline in times of need or want. We thrive to provide not only the best educational skills but also improve our students in the ways of oral and written communication, enhance in terms of ethical and moral considerations and lead to become decent and honest members of the society. Work hard, use your mind, be honest and you will succeed.


Professor Sadullah ÇELİK

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