2010: Issue: I

Contents: (All files in pdf format)

 Professor Suat Oktar – Lecturer Arzu Varlı
The Agricultural Policy in Turkey During the Rule of The Democratic Party from 1950 to 1954

Assoc. Prof. Nadir Eroğlu
Monetary Policies In Ataturk Period (1923-1938)

Assoc. Prof. Yaşar Bülbül – Assist. Prof. Rahmi Deniz Özbay
Patent As an Controversial Application of the Industrial Revolution, and Ottoman İhtira Beratı Law

Assist. Prof. Yeşim Reel
Mechanism Design Theory and Its Applications

Assist. Prof. Hamdi Genç – Assist. Prof. İ. Murat Bozkurt
Labour Migration from the Ottoman Empire to Brazil and Argentin, and the socio-Economic state of the Migrants (1850-1915)

Reşat Ceylan (PhD)

Are Unit Labor Costs in Manufacturing Converging in the OECD countries

Nuray Terzi (PhD.)
The Role Of Trade Liberalization Services In Developing Countries

Assist. Prof. Yalçın Alganer – Güneş Yılmaz (PhD.)
Harmonistion and Approximation Workings on The European Union Acquis Communautaire in the Context of Value Added Tax

Res. Assist. Sevda Akar
Innovations in Budget Process Arise from Treaty of Lisbon and 2010 Budget of European Union

Professor Ayşe Sumer
Winding Up a Company On the Just and Eqitable Ground According To Turkish Commercial Law Draft

Professor Nevin Deniz - Res. Assist. İhsan Oğuz Bakkalbaşı
A Discussion on the Measurement of the Fitting Between Human Resource and Organizational Strategies

Prof. Hasan İbicioğlu - Turan Kocabıyık (PhD.) – Assist. Prof. Dalğar
Financial Statement Utilization During Decision Making Process In SMEs: A Comparative Study On European And Turkish Managers

Assoc. Prof. Müge Arslan – Res. Assist. Ozan Bakır
Reasons of Choosing Malls According to Different Levels of Involvement and Its Effects on Loyalty

Assoc. Prof. Yücel Yılmaz
Describing Knowledge –Oriented Organizations Through Toqm Processes A Case Study

Assoc. Prof. Sezayi Dumanoğlu – Assist. Prof. Veli Akel – Assist. Prof. Nuray Ergül

Analysing the Financial Performances of Leasing Companies Traded in ISE Between the Years of 2005-2008

Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Perçin – Assist. Prof. Talha Ustasüleyman
A Structural Model Suggestion About the Effect of Critical Control (Success) Factors on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation Success

Assist. Prof. A. Nur Ersun – Assist. Prof. Figen Yıldırım
Consumer Involvement And Brand Sensitivity Of University Students In Their Choice Of Fashion Products

Assist. Prof. Gülnur Eti İçli – Beste Burcu Vural
Kırklareli University Vocational School Student Satisfaction Review Under The Framework Total Quality Management and Applications

Assist. Prof. Şakir Erdem – Assist. Prof. Süreyya Karsu - Emre Memiş - Oğuz Yıldız
Comprision of Brand Positioning on Denim Market

Filiz Gürder (PhD.)
Geomarketing and Risk Analysis in Financial Services Businesses

Mine Demirtaş (PhD.)
The Usefulness of Communication Tools During On the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Organizational Communication and the Sample of Public Relations films

Aslıhan Başaran Şen (PhD.)
Factors That Discriminate Between Domestic And Foreign Banks Operating In Turkey

Diğdem Göç Gürbüz (PhD.)
Responsibilities of Partners in Cooperative Enterprises

Seniha Dal (PhD.)
Internet Domain Names in Turkish Law Recent Developments in This Area

Res. Assist. Nurgün Komşuoğlu Yılmaz - Res. Assist. İbrahim Sarper Karakadılar
Investigating the Efficiencies of Domestic and Imported Cars in the Turkish Automotive MArket Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Metin Atmaca (PhD.)
A Research to Assessment for the Effects of International Accounting and Financial Reporting standarts on Financial Analysis of Enterprises

Assoc. Prof. Ömer Önalan
Financial Risk Measure With α- Stable Distributions

Assist. Prof. Gülcan Çağıl – Mustafa Okur (PhD.)
The Analysis of the Impact of 2008 Global Crisis on the ISE Stock Market Using Garch Models

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