2011: Issue II

All files in pdf format:

Professor Suat Oktar - Levent Dalyancı (PhD.)
The Analysis of the Relationship Between Monetary Policy and Inflation in the Turkish Economy

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Yılmaz
A Comparative Analysis of EU-15 and EU-12 Countries in Terms of Economic and Social Indicators After Eastern Enlargement of European Union

Assoc. Prof. Ali Koçyiğit - Assist. Prof. Tayfur Bayat - Ali Tüfekçi
Unemployment Hysteresis in Turkey and Application of Star Models

Assist. Prof. Munise Tuba Aktaş - Assist. Prof. Nazım Çatalbaş
An Investigation on the Relationship Between Development and Export of Southeast Anatolia Region

Assist. Prof. Tahir Öğüt
Smuggling Economy in Southeast Anatolia in the Process of the Formation of National Boundaries

Assist. Prof. Hakan Demirgil
Political Instability, Uncertainty and Macroeconomics: The Case of Turkey (1970-2006)

Assist. Prof. Kamil Uslu - Öğr. Gör. Aysel Gündoğdu
The Effect of Global Financialization on the Financal Activities of the Banks and Individuals in Turkey

Gülfer Vural (Ph.D.)
Trade Barriers on Capital Goods

Assist. Prof. Elif Çekici - Assoc. Prof. Hakan Yıldırım
A Study of Mathematics Education

Assoc. Prof. Turhan Erkmen - Assist. Prof. Serdar Bozkurt
A Study About Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment

Assist. Prof. Nur Ersun - Assist. Prof. Kahraman Arslan
The Essential Elements That Affect the Choice of Destinatin Tourism And Marketing Strategie

Assist. Prof. Mehmet Gençer
Market Comes Before Competition: The Rise of Open Technology Based Strategies

Lecturer (PhD.) Volkan Türker
A Methodological Mistake in Master's and Doctoral Thesis Written in Sub-department of Management and Organization in Turkey: False Distinction Between "Application" and "Research"Concepts

Lecturer (PhD.) Sibel Yılmaz Türkmen
Analysis of the Financial Efficiency of Real Estate Investment Trusts in ISE by Data Envelopment Analysis

Res. Assist. (PhD.) Emel Esen
Comparison of Reputation Measurements in Turkey and World

Assist. Prof. Kemal Yaman
Theoretische Erklärung Des Markteintritts Ausländischer Banken in Den Türkischen Bankensektor

Assist. Prof. Gülsen Serap Çekerol - Assist. Prof. Meserret Nalçakan
The Analysis of Railway Shipping Demand in Turkish Logistics Sector Through Ridge Regression Analysis Model

Res. Assist. Hakan Bektaş - Professor Ahmet Gökçen
Statistical Analysis of Quantative Data of Banks Having Financial Strenght Rating in Turkish Banking Industry

Assoc. Prof. A. Kadir Topal
A Model Suggested to the Determination of Optimal Size of Rural Municipalities: The Trabzon Case Study

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