2009: Issue II

Prof. Dr. A. Tunç Erem Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor Doctor  Serdar Pirtini

Interview with Prof. Dr. A. Tunç Erem'le Söyleşi

Professor Doctor Zafer Kesebir

Tunç Hoca

Professor Doctor Yaman Öztek

Hocam Prof. Dr. A. Tunç Erem

Professor Doctor Suat OKTAR - Teaching Assistant Arzu VARLI

National Bank of the Union and Progress in ERA Osmanlı İtibar-ı Milli Bankası

Professor Doctor Aysu İNSEL - Assistant Professor Doctor M. Nedim SÜALP

Is It A Puzzle To Estimate Econometric Models For The Turkish Economy?

Assistant Professor Doctor Selahattin KAYNAK - Professor Doctor Muammer YAYLALI

Knowledge Economy in the Process of Transition to the Knowledge Society and an Application to Turkey by Knowledge Economy Index Mode

Associate Professor Doctor Ahmet YILMAZ - Research Assistant Togan KARATAŞ

A Study on the Causes of Current Account Deficits After 2001 Crisis in Turkish Economy

Associate Professor Doctor  Binhan Elif YILMAZ - Research Assistant Sevinç YARAŞIR

Saving-Investment Deficits and the Need of Foreign Resourcesin Turkey and OECD Conutries

Assistant Professor Doctor Hülya KANALICI AKAY - Research Assistant Mehmet NARGELEÇEKENLER

Do Monetary Policy Shocks Affect Stock Prices?Turkish Experience

Dr. Faruk AKIN - Dr. Nalan ECE

The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Banking Sector Employment

Dr. Çiğdem BOZ

What's The Well Being For Utilatarianism, John Rawls And Amartya Sen

Associate Professor Doctor Aslı KÜÇÜKASLAN EKMEKÇİ

The Examination Of Role Of Identifying The Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour In Multinational Markets On The MNC's Market Success

Associate Professor Doctor Filiz AYDOĞAN

Cities in the Shadow of Consumer Culture

Assistant Professor Doctor Sabri ERDİL - Öner BAŞARIR

Brand Association and Measurement of its Effects on Decision-to-Buy of Consumers

Assistant Professor Doctor Emel GÖNENÇ GÜLER

Promotion Activities in Hospitality Industry and an Investigation in Trace Region Hotels

Assistant Professor Doctor Şule AYDENİZ

The Effects of the Macro Economics Indicators of Financial Performance Measurement: An Analyse of Beverage and Food Enterprises,that Listed on IMKB

Research Assistant İdris VARICI

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Adoption of ınternational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): A Research pn European and American Countries

Associate Professor Doctor  Gülay YILMAZ

The Fiscal Policy in Turkey: The Period of 1923-1938

Associate Professor Doctor Ömer ÖNALAN

Modelling of Volatility and Interest Rates using with Vasicek ve Cir Modes

Assistant Professor Doctor Ayşe Gül BÖLÜKBAŞI - Assistant Professor Doctor Dina ÇAKMUR YILDIRTAN

Determining the Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in Local Authority: A Case Study

İsmail BEKTAŞ - Assistant Professor Doctor Hasan AYYILDIZ

XDSL A Research for the Diffusion of Genişbant Ağ Teknolojisi Ürünlerinin Türkiye'de Yayılımı ve Baas Yenileşim Yayılma Modeli Gerçekleşmesinin Araştırılması

Assistant Professor Doctor Cüneyt AKAR - Teaching Assistant Serkan ÇİÇEK

Estimating The Volatility Of Deposit Banks' Credit Stock With A Swarch Model

Dr. Aslıhan BAŞARAN ŞEN - Dr. Gamze KABA

The Effects of Using Leading Economic Indicators in Increasing Forecast Accuracy: An Analyses on the Turkish Otomotive Sector

Assistant Professor Doctor Yaşar KABATAŞ

Recording and Analysis of Some Incentives Brought by Social Security Law According to Turkish Accounting Standards (TMS 20)

Dr. Sibel GÖK

An Important Problem of Work Life: Organizational Stress

Research Assistant Sayın SAN

An Analysis of the Structural Differences of Formel-Informel Workers in the Context of the Social State in Turkey

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