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Faculty of Economics

2012: Issue I

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Professor Suat Oktar - Levent Dalyancı (PhD.)
The Effect of The Monetary Policy on Economic Growth in Turkish Economy

Özhan Tuncay (PhD.) - Professor Recep Kök
Analysis of Optimum Exchange Rate Regime Determinants in Turkey

Professor Muammer Yaylalı - Res. Assist. Fuat Lebe
Effects of Import Crude Oil Prices on Macroeconomic Activities in Turkey

Göksel Tiryaki (PhD.) - Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Yılmaz
The Relationship of Banking Regulation and Financial Stability: Case of Turkish Economy in 1990-2010 Period

Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Şahin - Res. Assist. Özge Uysal - Elif Kuru
The Shift-Share Analysis of Turkish Tourism Politics

Assoc. Prof. Hamza Çeştepe - Tuğba Mıstaçoğlu
The Effects of Customs Union on Foreign Direct Investment: A Panel Data Analysis on New Members of European Union and Turkey

Assist. Prof. Ayhan Uçak
The Failure of Financialised Capitalism

Assist. Prof. Seymur Ağayev
Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence From Transition Economies

Assist. Prof. Ertuğrul Yıldırım - Assist. Prof. Ferdi Kesikoğlu
Nexus Between R&D Expenditure and Export: Evidence from Panel Causality Test in Case of Turkey

Assist. Prof. Fahri Solak - Lecturer (PhD.) Ercan Sarıdoğan
The Role of Importance of Knowledge Economy in the Economic Development Process of The Turkish Republics

Assist. Prof. Mukadder Horasan - İlkay Horasan
Credit Process and Comparison with Basel II Criteria

İlyas Karabıyık (PhD.)
Working Life Women's Employment in Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Hakan Yıldırım - Res. Assist. Mehmet Nuri İnel
A Survey of Assessment of Sampling Technics in Acuditing

Assist. Prof. Mehmet Ersoy
The Concept of Accounting Entity

Mesud Ünal (PhD.)
Change and Leadership in Information Age

Assist. Prof. Hüseyin Güçlü Çiçek - Hatice Herek
Evaluation of The Tax Crimes and Penalties in Turkey, Sample of Antalya City

Assoc. Prof. Handan Yolsal
Performance Evoluation of Type a Mutual Funds:An Analysis of Mutual Funds of Banks and Intermediaries

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